Tyler and Rowan MacNiven

Tyler MacNiven
Legend has it that Tyler MacNiven was raised in the Amazon jungle by albino tree rats and was first person to wrestle a mermaid in the Bermuda Triangle. After Tyler graduated college some one told him to take a hike, so he spent 5 months walking the 2000-mile length of Japan. Then he realized he needed a job so he applied to be on the Amazing Race. Racing 11 other teams 59,000-miles around the world, Tyler and his teammate emerged the winners. He then set off for Iran, in an effort to run from the north to the south of the country, and to make a documentary called, I Ran Iran. He has since wrestled 100 Mongolians in Mongolia, hugged 1000 Cubans in Cuba, and now aims to be the Julian Assange of San Francisco’s secrets, letting the information fly free in the cyberweb like monarch butterflies in the Spring.

Rowan MacNiven
Rowan was born the prince of Lesotho, but at the age of 8, rejected the ideals of the monarchy and moved to California to become a male model. He has never met a giant scorpion he couldn’t defeat in a cage fight.  When Rowan is not rescuing babies from burning buildings or filming secret, he successfully runs two famous restaurants in San Francisco. He is also lead singer and guitarist of Queen Elizabeth and the Razor Blades, the infamous one man band from San Francisco. Their first album was scheduled to be released in 2009, but because the band was constantly breaking up and getting back together, the album was delayed. The band has since reunited and plans to release their album in the summer of 2011.